What Does Delivered To Agent Mean For USPS?

A box marked “Delivered To Agent For Final Delivery” indicates that it has been transferred to another individual. A delivery agent is someone who completes delivery on behalf of a resident of your home, a doorman, or even a coworker. This person is designated as a delivery agent.

What is a USPS Delivery Agent?

In essence, a delivery agent is regarded by a USPS carrier as a person who has the right to accept a package on behalf of the addressee on behalf of the carrier.

In addition to the individual who lives or works at the recipient address, another person who lives or works there would qualify for this eligibility as well (as long as they are at least 12 years old).

A parcel locker or concierge service can also act as an “Agent” to accept and sign for USPS packages on behalf of someone else, such as accepting and signing for parcels at a front desk.

For this to happen, there does not need to be any prior arrangements made in order for this to take place.

Deliveries are handed off by USPS workers to trusted agents who deliver them to the recipient’s address.

Does USPS Confirm the Identity of an “Agent”?

It is not possible for USPS to officially confirm the identity of every agent who accepts packages on behalf of others due to a lack of technology, data, or infrastructure.

Generally speaking, it is no problem when the agent of the intended recipient has an address that is clearly the same as the address of the agent who is living or working at that address.

If someone on your street asks for your large parcel, it won’t be handed over by USPS mail carriers. Common sense usually prevails in most cases when it comes to dropping off a large parcel.

What Do You After a USPS “Delivered to Agent for Final Delivery” update?

It is a standard procedure for a package to be handed over to an agent once it has been delivered. It is just a symbol that your package has been delivered as discussed above.

To find out where the agent was when he handed over your package, you need to check the tracking data on your USPS tracking account.

There are times when this address will be the delivery address, which means that a family member or house-mate has signed for your package on your behalf, effectively acting as your agent.

The package might have been “Delivered to Agent for Final Delivery” at the address of your work, so you should contact the reception or mail room at your office to begin the process of finding the package.

USPS carriers with a GPS tracker will scan the package with a scanner when the package is handed over to the agent at the location where it was given to the agent, which will be able to give you an indication of where the package is and who might be in possession of it.

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